WebGrid Plus

Welcome to WebGrid

WebGrid is a conceptual representation system that elicits and analyzes
mental models from an individual, group or community of a specifiable domain of experience.

It is a component of the Rep Plus suite of conceptual modeling tools,
and makes many of those tools' capabilities available over the Internet and World Wide Web.

Note that this version of WebGrid requires a recent generation browser that supports: display: flex and input type = "color".

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WebGrid Tutorials

Tutorial from Think Again--Carol's choices

Starting a New Elicitation, Uploading and Entering Existing Grid Data

Start a new grid

Start a new grid with a user-friendly initial elicitation script

Enter an existing grid using a rapid entry sequence

Upload a grid file fom WebGrid, RepGrid, or in another common grid format

Register a cache to store and manage multiple grids on the server

WebGrid Single Grid Demonstrations

Information systems demo

Real estate multimedia demo

Presidents multimedia demo

Car choice weighted decision demo

Research project modeling

Demonstration of non-Roman font support

Instructor evaluation, a demonstration of user-scripted element elicitation

Contact lens data represented as categories

Contact lens data represented as rating scales with labeled values

WebGrid Muliple Cached Grids Demonstrations

An industrial community: market positioning

A commercial community: record keeping practices

A scientific community: geographic mapping techniques

An educational community: information technology

An educational community: learning technologies

WebGrid Plus 2.0: updated 30-Jan-2020