Registering a Cache Directory for Your Data  ? 

WebGrid allows you to register a cache directory in which you may save grid data.

You will have password-protected access to your cache management page.

It enables you to view the grids in your cache, analyze and compare them, and load them in various forms for further use.

You will be able to supply your clients with URL's enabling them to access copies of one or more grids in your cache.

(p>When they modify these grids the results are automatically stored in your cache.

This facility enables WebGrid to support distributed research studies.

Registration Information

Fill in the form below.

The data collected is private to you and will not be made available to others.

We will use it only if we need to contact you.

Your name

Some notes on your intended use, particularly approximate timescales if known

Cache Name, Account and Passsword

Please supply an account name and password of at least 6 characters that you will use to access your cache directory.

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When you click on the button below WebGrid will send you the name of your cache directory and a URL to access it.